Today we have yet another tricky Shockwiz mounting situation. This time, we've figured out a way to mount ShockWiz to the Fox X2 and Pivot's Mach 5.5.

Pivot's Mach 5.5 tucks the rear shock just under the top tube, to allow space for a water bottle in the main triangle. Unfortunately, if you opted for the X2 upgrade for this frame, the spacing is very tight around the air can which means we need to get a little creative to mount Shockwiz to the X2.

The solution is to mount ShockWiz vertically, and routing the zip tie through the main body of the Shockwiz rather than the rubber boot. Notice we routed only through the rear hole and towards the very bottom of the air can, just below the decals. Mounting through the body will allow for a much firmer/tighter pull on the zip tie so Shockwiz can be secured with only one tie. And fastening it just below the decal will allo the oil reservoir to compress fully over the air can and not interfere with the zip tie.

Here's a view from the side:


And here's a view from the top. As you can see, the Shockwiz sticks out just in between the top tube and the seatstay, so that it doesn't impact with the frame when the shock compresses.


There are a few minor caveats to this setup, however. Adding air to Shockwiz is a little tight, but doable with a little patience. You can also tweak the position slightly as you test for any compression/interference issues. Another minor issue is hitting your knee against Shockwiz when pedaling. If the zip tie is tight enough, I found that Shockwiz doesn't really budge if it's hit so if you are a little more mindful of your knee position when pedaling, it shouldn't happen very often.